Mixed Media

This is the perfect learning environment for you if you just want to improve your creative energy, learn to create in a variety of styles and mediums and never do the same thing twice. While the mixed media class starts with a few foundational lessons to get everyone up to artistic speed with the rest of the class, students in Mixed Media are generally self-guided, and work on their own projects with the guidance and help of the teacher, as well as input from classmates.


For all ages and experience levels, painting classes teach you the full art of putting your vision to canvases. From composition to theory to your practiced brushstroke, you can create your own masterpiece-you just have to come in and learn!


Learn to draw from foundation to finishing touch. Learn the various styles of drawing, pen, pencil and charcoal technique. Choose your own drawing subjects to create and perfect!

Hand-Letter Your Life

Hand-lettering is a great skill that will get you roped into every art of decorating committee you walk past for the rest of your life. Also, it makes beautiful cards, signs, pictures and more! Learn to write easily and beautifully in multiple fonts, how to hand letter every thought you have; big or small! It is art for ALL!


Learn the fundamentals of illustration all the way to creating your own finished products! This class studies the many styles of illustration, both modern and traditional. Students learn not only the artistic skills of composition, drawing and color, but also the fun component of turning words on a page into images only you can create!

Drawing People

This cals will focus on both the face and the whole figure, as well as focusing in on more detailed work featuring hands and feet, hair & clothing. Students will learn to break down the human form into shapes, shadows and highlights, enabling them to break a complex shape into smaller manageable parts that anyone can draw.

Painting People

This class can be taken in conjunction with the people drawing class, or on it’s own. While it would be helpful to have a background in drawing people for this class, students can choose to learn to both sketch and paint the figure as they go if they prefer. This class will focus on the use of color, light and shadow, and composition when painting people.

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Art Information

Group Classes(1 hour per week) $69/month

Private 30 minute and hour art classes are available.