Mixed Media

This is a perfect learning environment for you if you just want to improve your creative energy, learn to create in a variety of styles and mediums, and never do the same thing twice. This mixed media class starts with a few foundational lessons to get everyone up to artistic speed with the rest of the class. Students in mixed media are generally self-guided, and work on their own projects with the guidance and help of the teacher, as well as input from the rest of the class.


For all ages and experience levels, painting classes teach you the full art of putting your visions to canvases. From composition to theory, to your practiced brushstroke, you can create your own masterpiece-you just have to come in and learn! 


Learn to draw from foundation to finishing touch. Learn the various styles of drawing, pen, pencil, and charcoal technique. Choose your drawing subjects to create and perfect! 

People In Pictures

Art teacher Jesse Stone is best known for her portrait work and has shown all over the country as a painter of people. Learn to see and express the human form through all mediums of art in this fun and challenging(&Jessie’s favorite) class! 

Fiber Art

Fiber class explores all facets of fiber art, from sewing to spinning yarn, crochet,knit, quilting and fabric collage. If it is fiber, we will work with it! Student -led projects teach students to make their own patterns, clothing, house wears and more. Fiber class is always a favorite, so grab your spot while you can!


Learn the fundamentals of illustration all the way to creating your own finished products! This class students the many styles of illustration, both modern and traditional. Students not only learn the artistic skills of composition,drawing and coloring, but also the extra fun component of turning words on a page into images only you can create! 

Writing & Illustration

This class combines the fun of illustration with the added awesomeness of writing your own stories, poems or graphic novels. Art teacher Jesse holds a degree in writing education and is a published author herself. Do you have a book waiting to be written? Come to class and make it happen! 

Hand Letter Your Life

Hand-lettering is a great skill that will get you roped into every art or decorating committee you walk past for the rest of your life. It makes beautiful cards, signs,pictures and more! Learn to write easily and beautifully in multiple fonts. Hand letter ever thought you have; big or small! It is art for all! 

Art Journaling

You might be thinking, I’m not an artist! Well, we beg to differ. You are an artist, and you can learn to create an art journal through the use of drawing, sketching, painting, and even stamps, photographs and collage. Self-expression is fundamental to a healthy life and art journaling provides an artistic outlet that is both fun and beautiful! 

In Art Journaling 101, you will learn: 

  • To experiment with art techniques and ideas
  • To get your thoughts and feelings out on paper in a creative way
  • To document your life
  • To enjoy the process of creating

Art Journal Making

If you think art journaling sounds like a great way to express yourself and document your life in a beautiful way at the same time, try MAKING your own art journal as the cherry on top! This class will explore your inner artist in a while new way, as you learn to create your own art journal through drawing, painting, cut work, collage and even learn to bind your own book! Art journals are an endless source of delight and stress relief for their owners, and they make great gifts as well. This might be the most fun class of the year! 

Upcycle Your Wardrobe

If you’ve browsed through Etsy or Pinterest, picked up a magazine or just walked past a television lately, you’ve probably notices that up cycling is the hottest art practice around. An upcycled wardrobe is what all the cool kids are clamoring for! Upcycling is so popular because it is fun, affordable, and great for the planet. 

Finally all those old clothes that went out of style 10 years ago, have a mountain of new uses when you just learn to look at them with a new eye and see their potential. Bring an ugly sweater to class, and you will go home with so many great new clothes! In Upcycle Your Wardrobe, students will learn to work with old materials win new ways, and how to restructure a retired old piece into something beautiful, useful and new! 

Upcycle Your Home

Just like our wardrobes can be up-cycled for fun and a great new look, our homes can benefit from the same treatment. Tired of giving Pier One a hundred bucks for something you know they paid paid less than half that for?Learn to make it yourself in one of our favorite new classes- Upcycle Your Home! 


* New classes are available with two or more students. Times and days would depend on availability of instructor and students.*


Group Lessons(1 hour each week):

$62 per month

Private Lessons(30 minute each week):

$92 per month

Hour Lessons Available

Family Discounts Available